Hand Financial Edu

Content and Visual Development, Brand Strategy, Web Development

Hand Financial Edu education courses will help you understand how money works, the money pitfalls to avoid and will give you a clear understanding of how to get control of your money now and prepare for a lifetime of success with your personal finances. An American Success story, Steve Hand realized that by developing an affordable, and easy-to-understand course on the basics of handling your personal finances, he could help millions of people realize their dreams of finally getting out of debt and starting on the road to lifetime prosperity.

We were hired to create a new brand for this online financial business by creating a new logo, and online presence with a new branded e-commerce website, SEO, email marketing and social media campaign. Sharkey Advertising focused on brand development and building brand equity, in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, generate new business and improve the user experience., while promoting multiple Finance Education Courses and Life Stage Financial Education.

Behind the Scenes

We built a new brand starting with the tag line: “Education for Mastering Your Money” and created the logo icon to represent a HAND, The owners last name, with an embedded H within the icon. Using “in the light” glowing brand imagery, copy, design and color palette, we created an Informative, inviting, relatable, trustworthy dynamic new branded e-commerce website that will be consistent with all marketing of Hand Financial Edu. .

Client: Hand Financial Edu