KYC Data

Content + Visual Development, Brand Strategy, Web Development

KYC Data is the premier source compiler of public records in the U.S. specialize in new homeowner data, mortgage data and equity borrower data. All data is obtained daily from verified public documents recorded at state, county and city levels nationwide. Using cutting-edge technology and decades of experience we now compile over one million public records per month.

We were hired to develop a full brand identity system to tell a unique story. Along with the KYC Data new brand identity and logo, overall marketing including email and print, we have launched a new responsive website featuring a clean and vivid modern design. The design of the new website and the structure of information improves its overview and usability, delivering rich content in a clean and organized way that makes it easier to navigate and is more user-friendly.

Behind the Scenes

We provide a full suite of marketing services for KYC Data including developing a new branded logo, email marketing, collateral materials, and a new branded dynamic website. The new logo gives a nod to the homeowners and mortgage industry capping the Y with a lime green roof top. The new website touts “100% FRESH Certified Premium Quality Data” while using hues of green throughout which depicts freshness and growth. Their new brand identity reflects this freshness since KYC Data collects and compiles data on daily basis clients are always assured that it is as fresh and accurate as possible. The new brand is designed to inspire and further elevate them as KYC Data continues to provide quality value to their clients.