Stand out among your competitors! Let Sharkey Advertising Showcase your brand with a visual development narrative that matches your mission, vision and values.

Content and visual development by Sharkey Advertising

We believe the best brands tell stories, which is why we partner with our clients to create impactful work that not only represents their business, but also connects them with people emotionally. Through strategy, design, content, and technology, we bring brands to life. We employ a user-centric design methodology, ensuring your organization’s messaging is optimized for your target audience.

Strategies for telling your Brand’s Story
Part of having an effective brand is the ability to tell compelling stories about your products, services, and your business itself. Telling these stories involves giving the consumer a sense of how your business, products and services you work. But it’s not about flooding possible customers with information. It’s generally important to keep your message simple and focused. You have to know what information to present to different audiences, when in the actual sales process to present it.

Design is communication.
Every corporate identity should tell a unique story. It creates a feeling and conveys a message to the user. Great design is a combination of beautiful aesthetics and intuitive actions. Focusing on brand design, brand development and building brand equity all stem from telling a companies story. Focus on the user experience, creation of visual impact, and strong brand communication ensures that a brand experience is clear and concise. Brand strategy must be managed over time to make sure that a company stays loyal to its brand.