client: Rosie O'Donnell. This bookmark was created to coincide with the launch of Rosie's new book "Celebrity Detox". Using her signature bright yellow, we chose elements from her book cover to design this 2-sided bookmark.

client: Rosie O'Donnell. Spingle Productions' mission is to produce thought-provoking programming which can either push the limits or simply capture life in a unique way to enlighten and enrich. Every connection and event occurs for a reason - pure and purposeful. Energy, chemistry and the universe make it so. When the hair stands up on your arm. When you just know you're getting a little message from up above. When your spine tingles. Spingle.

client: Rosie O'Donnell. With our new branding, we created a stationery package for KidRo Productions, Inc., Rosie O'Donnell's production company that creates entertaining multi-media experiences for families to laugh with and learn from. This includes TV/film, radio, mobile, online, product, books and theater.

client: Rosie O'Donnell. With our new branding, we created a stationery package for Rosie's Broadway Kids, Rosie O'Donnell's arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the arts.

client: Denise Buser Realty. A clean, elegant look was the emphasis for this real estate corporate stationary package. Their Tuscan scroll is utilized as a trademark to many of their marketing pieces.

client: Rosie O'Donnell. For her 2 non-profits, we produced this "Rosie's Gala" invite for Rosie O'Donnell. It brings contributors together for Rosie's For All Kids Foundation (Celebrating the 10th Anniversary) and Rosie's Broadway Kids (Celebrating the Grand Opening of Maravel Arts Center) benefit. Using the new branded colors, we gave the pieces drama by using duo tones of her actual kids performing and learning.

client: Van Son Holland. We produced a new business proposal template for one of this company's product lines. Proposal content was concise and flexible for easy use with different clients while effectively highlighting the features and benefits of the product line. The interesting use of different colored ink art draws in the reader.