ALC Corporate

Brand Strategy, Web Development, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing

ALC Is one of the industry’s leading privately-held direct and digital data marketing services provider and integrator of multi-channel marketing data. The company enables their clients to increase market share and improve bottom-line profitability through the innovative use of marketing information.

We were hired to develop a full brand identity system to tell a unique story. Sharkey Advertising focused on brand design, brand development and building brand equity for ALC Corporate. We detailed the user experience, creation of visual impact, and strong brand communication. Sharkey Advertising created a look, feel and voice that is unique to ALC.

“Connect with your best customers and prospects. Speak to them in a language they understand. About the things they care about. Via the communications channels they prefer. At the moment they are ready to take action—is the theme that revolves around the ALC MAKE IT PERSONAL brand”

Behind the Scenes

We provide a full suite of marketing services for ALC including a newly developed branded logo and website touting the “Make It Personal” tag throughout. Once the new digital brand was set, we expanded it to a new corporate style guide, marketing collateral, corporate ads, signage, digital promos, press releases, and more.


2015 Hermes International Platinum Award for B-to-B Branded Website
2015 Hermes International Gold Award for Branded Website Design

I enjoyed working with Fran Sharkey very much. She’s quick, creative, a real problem-solver—and fun to work with. I believe she produced some really great work for us that has stood the test of time.

– Donn Rappaport, Chairman & CEO, ALC